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21st march 2021

Welcome to our online Sunday Service, led by our Parish Minister, Douglas Nicol, and featuring Douglas MacLaren, Peter McInnes, Martin Murray and William Leiper. Many thanks to them for their contribution to worship today.

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                                 Week beginning: Sunday 21st March 2021






Dear friends,


We are delighted to confirm that the church sanctuary at Priesthill Road will be open for corporate worship next Sunday, 28th March 2021.


At the moment we are still bound by the same restrictions – hand sanitizer on entry, contact details to be given, masks to be worn, no singing and, because of distancing, a limited number of worshippers.


It would be helpful if you were able to contact Rev Douglas Nicol or Kirsteen Marshall (details below) if you are intending to come along, particularly if you did not attend in the few months when church was open between lockdowns.


We trust that if you do attend you will feel most welcome and we look forward to the days when masks are no longer required and we can enjoy singing together and chatting at the end of the service over tea and coffee!




This Sunday (21 March), ahead of the anniversary of the first lockdown on Tuesday 23 March 2020, Christians across the country – and further afield – will once again join together in prayer and reflection at 7pm in response to the pandemic. We will undoubtedly reflect on all that has happened in the past year and acknowledge the profound impact the Covid-19 pandemic has had upon us personally and communally.

The Moderator, Rt Rev Dr Martin Fair states - “There is not one of us who has not felt the impact of these times in one way or another. Above all else, we shall acknowledge the loss of life and recognise that behind each number recorded there lies a person whose life is known to God and who is mourned by those who have loved them.

“In their passing, we are the poorer. In the remembrance of a life given by God, we are the richer.

“The Letter to the Hebrews records that: ‘In the days of His flesh, Jesus offered up prayers and supplications, with loud cries and tears’ (Hebrews 5: 7). Jesus is called to take the place of the one who offers prayers on behalf of us all, and does so with ‘cries and tears’ because He Himself has ‘suffered’ (Hebrews 5: 5-10). He shares in the suffering of the world and brings the suffering of the world before God.

“In all our reflections at this time, we remember the One who prayed for us in ‘the days of his flesh’ and who, even now, lives to pray for us once more.”



The moderator’s photo completion 'Hidden in Plain Sight' is now closed but all entries are available to view on the Church of Scotland website.




The ministry team anticipate recording the service on a Sunday morning whilst we still have restrictions in place.  We thank Kirsteen and Douglas for all their work with this but remind those unable to attend that the service will not be available to view on the website or YouTube until midweek.  Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.




It is important for us to keep connected even if we can’t meet together physically.  Please let us know if you want to share any good news.


As ever, do remember that if you have any concerns or are struggling in any way, the ministry team are always available to talk or pray over the phone with you.  This is always in confidence.  (contact details below)




Although there is so much difficulty and anxiety at this time we take the time to mark the times of celebration in the lives of our church family members.

Congratulations  to  George Palmer who celebrated his 19th birthday on, Monday, 15th March. Many Happy Returns, George!



MINISTER: Rev Douglas Nicol, 36 Springkell Drive, GLASGOW G41 4EZ

0141 427 7877   Email:


07720 625 789  Email:

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