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2nd MAY 2021

Today our Sunday Worship Service is led by Douglas Nicol, 

our parish minister.

The theme:"God knows the end from the beginning."

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                                  Week beginning: Sunday 2nd May 2021





Dear friends,


As we continue to remain truly thankful that the number of Covid cases and Covid deaths in our country is decreasing and supplies of vaccine are being administered timeously, we are very aware that many nations are still suffering greatly.


As we watch heart-breaking reports on the news of people desperate for assistance we can feel very powerless to help. 


We give thanks for and pray great blessing and protection on all healthcare workers and charity workers who are putting their lives at risk daily to bring any sort of help and comfort in the most distressing of situations. Particularly, we pray for India where they are experiencing another deadly wave of coronavirus deaths, and hospitals are unable to meet the demand for treatment. The country’s healthcare system has completely collapsed under the crushing weight of the pandemic and people desperate for medical care are struggling to pay for oxygen and medication.


Of course, long before this pandemic there has been poverty, sickness and distress caused by drought and famine.   This year Christian Aid Week begins on Monday 10th May and is focussing on Kenya where extreme weather means people are struggling to survive without a reliable source of water. Our gifts could help a community build an earth dam so that when rains do come, they will have the water they need to live.


Due to the covid-19 pandemic, we are unable to collect for Christian Aid in the usual manner, using Christian Aid envelopes.  However there is an opportunity to collect online by means of what is called a Christian Aid e-envelope, which we can do as a church. There will be full details next Sunday.  






At the moment, Douglas and Kirsteen continue to lead worship in the Sanctuary at Priesthill Road and have the service recorded for transmission on YouTube a few days later.  As has been the case for many years, should you have a favourite hymn or worship song that you would like to be included in the service, please speak to Douglas.


The Kirk Session will be meeting later this month and will be making decisions as to whether continuing to record the services is viable.  If you have any interest in IT or would like to learn how to edit the footage and prepare it for the internet please speak to either Douglas Nicol or Kirsteen.





As ever, do remember that if you have any concerns or are struggling in any way, the ministry team are always available to talk or pray over the phone with you.  This is always in confidence.  (contact details below)





MINISTER: Rev Douglas Nicol, 36 Springkell Drive, GLASGOW G41 4EZ

0141 427 7877   Email:


07720 625 789  Email:

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