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30th MAy 2021

Today our Sunday Worship Service is led by Douglas Nicol, 

our parish minister.

It is his last Sunday Service among us,

after 33 years of ministering in the parish.

The theme of the service: A Trinity of Trinities

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                                        Week beginning: Sunday, 30th  May 2021


                                                     Trinity Sunday





Dear friends,


Again, we face the disappointment of hearing that Glasgow has to remain in tier 3 for another week but we do trust that you are remaining safe and well. 




Thank you to everyone who contributed to this year’s collection for Christian Aid.  We raised £100 which will be gratefully received by this very worthwhile organisation who work tirelessly to help people living in the most difficult of circumstances.





This year there was “Blended General Assembly”.  It began on Saturday 22nd May and ran until its close on Thursday 27th May.  The Church of Scotland website has video highlights of each day’s proceedings as well as copies of reports, speeches and decisions made.




Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we were unable to hold our Stated Annual Meeting in 2020 during which the congregation would have been presented with the church accounts for the year ended 31st December 2019.

In order that members of the congregation can examine the accounts, they can be found here on the church website under the heading Church Accounts 2019.


Next Sunday, 6th June, the Sunday Service will be led by our Interim Moderator, Rev Calum Macdonald. Calum is the parish minister of the Park Church, in Giffnock, and is already known to a number of our congregation. He looks forward to meeting the congregation as he begins to leads us through the vacancy.

During the service the sacrament of communion will be celebrated.

Due to Covid restrictions we are unable to use the usual Communion glasses.

Members of the congregation are asked to bring their own elements of bread and wine/fruit juice.


Next Sunday there will be a retiral offering for the Scottish Prison Fellowship.




We are delighted to announce that Ann Smith will be our Locum as we begin our time of vacancy. Ann was placed with us during her training for the Readership and she also served with us for a number of years as a Reader once her training was complete.



This Sunday (30 May 2021) is the last service at Priesthill Road where Douglas will preach as the parish minister.  His retiral date is next Saturday (6th June 2021). He has been very touched by the well wishes and kindness shown to him marking his retirement.


At his last Glasgow Presbytery meeting as an active minister, Kirsteen Marshall delivered a tribute to him, on behalf of the Kirk Session, written by herself and Elder Margaret Thomas.  She stated……..


“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak tonight. I will start with a message from our Elder Margaret Thomas, expressed on behalf of the congregation:


“As a representative of the congregation of St Christopher's Priesthill and Nitshill Parish Church, I would like to express our sadness, that Douglas is retiring after 33 years as our Minister - 7 years as our Associate Minister and 26 years as our Parish Minister.


Douglas has been a very special friend, and faithfully given his time to those in the parish community who have been in need of spiritual guidance and comfort, especially at this difficult time when the pandemic struck, so we as a congregation thank him and wish him God speed, as both he and his wife Katherine begin a new season in their lives.

May God's blessings go with them.”



First, I would like to echo everything that the congregation has just expressed. I can tell you that they are all extremely saddened that Douglas is retiring, but they are also feeling excited for him and Katherine, as they adventure into this new stage in their lives together, and with God.


My first memory of Douglas is as a child in Primary 7, where he was my school chaplain. We joke now that I don't remember a word he ever said, but despite that, he ministered to me in a profound way. Not by what he said but just by who he was. There was something very different about him. His character just stood out. He sparked something in me, even as a 10 year old non-believer.


 Now, I'm able to articulate that this was the Holy Spirit emanating from him. You see, I was drawn to God through Douglas living in God.


And that is something very special about Douglas. He is a very Christ-centred man. Everything he does, and is , is Holy Spirit led. He makes sure he is hearing God's voice before he makes moves. He watches vigilantly for signs, wonders, miracles and messages from God, and he has inspired us all to do the same over the years.


He is genuinely devoted to our God, and has served with such biblical integrity, patience and compassion. From meeting him as a small child, to then working under him and serving alongside him, he has been a huge part of my faith journey, despite me only being a small part of his ministry. I know that many others feel the same, and I hope that he and Katherine enjoy resting in the arms of their Father for the next wee while.


I just want to say thank you for being our friend.”



Douglas felt very humbled by this most kind tribute and in his farewell speech drew attention to the fact that God knows the end from the beginning by using numbers to illustrate God’s perfect timing.  Knowing how God speaks to Douglas through numbers, he joked that, as far as Parish Ministry was concerned, now his number is up!


The congregation wish Douglas a long and happy retirement and look forward to seeing what God has in store for them in terms of a new ministry.





MINISTER: Rev Douglas Nicol, 36 Springkell Drive, GLASGOW G41 4EZ

0141 427 7877   Email:


07720 625 789  Email:

PART-TIME children and Families Worker: Naomi Sutton  

07486 563 779  Email:

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