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      sunday, 27th September 2020

Today, Sunday, 27th September, following our return last Sunday, we continue to worship in the sanctuary in Priesthill Road at 11.00am. 

Here is the recording of the service:

                                 Week beginning: Sunday 27th September 2020






Dear friends,


We hope that you have been enjoying the beautiful weather this week.  News that we are still not allowed to have others in our homes has been difficult but somehow, seeing the blue skies and sunshine does help!


For those unable to get back to church on a Sunday morning, we hope you were able to see the recording of the service on the church website or You Tube.  There were initial concerns regarding the sound quality but, as with all the technology needed during lockdown, it has been a learning process and we are trusting that things will improve as we continue gathering together in person and virtually.


Since Saturday 19th September there have been prayer meetings on Zoom every night at 7pm.  These have been held in response to a movement founded in America called The Return.  This is a call for God’s people to return to Him and repent and is based on the scripture from 2 Chronicles 7 v 14 –  If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

We believe that as we join with the others in repentance God will hear our prayers and revival will come.

We have thoroughly enjoyed these prayer meetings, with different people able to join us each night it has been so encouraging.  As we said last week, these are stand alone meetings and there is no pressure to pray out loud.  The last gathering in this format will be on Monday (28th) and everyone is most welcome.

For security reasons we will not publish the link here.  Please contact either Douglas Nicol (details below) or Katherine Nicol on 07877302189 or

If you have no experience of zoom but would like to be part of this gathering please contact Katherine who will happily discuss with you all that you need to know ahead of time.

The Return has involved Christians praying for 10 consecutive days and saw people gathering in Washington DC on Friday night and during the day on Saturday (26th). This was televised live and can be seen on You Tube.  Many pastors, preachers, leaders from Charities and Christians in business and former addicts, have prayed or shared their testimonies including Anne Graham Lotz (Billy Graham’s daughter) and Nicky Cruz (The Cross and the Switchblade).


We would encourage you to explore this yourself in the coming days and weeks.  Particularly if we are feeling down or a bit lost in these days, hearing how God rescued others from seemingly hopeless situations really helps build us up in our faith.

Tickets to attend the event were sold out and over 70,000 tuned in to watch it streamed live.  What a joy to see such a crowd gathered for the one purpose – to worship and praise our Heavenly Father.

As with so many other planned events, this year’s General Assembly of the Church of Scotland due to be held in Edinburgh in May was cancelled. Instead the Assembly will be held online on the evening for Friday 2nd October and all day Saturday 3rd October.


You will be able to view a livestream of the proceedings on the Church of Scotland website, beginning at 7 pm on Friday 2 October. Proceedings will run from 7-9 pm on Friday, and from 9.15 am to 5 pm on Saturday. There will be a lunch and coffee breaks on Saturday. The full Order of Proceedings and the General Assembly Reports can be found on the 2020 Reports, Speeches and Additional Documents page.   Our minister, Douglas, has been chosen to be a commissioner this year so please pray for him as he takes his place and for all those who are voting and making decisions on the life of our church and what we represent.


Again, we take the time to mark the times of celebration in the lives of our church family members.


Congratulations to John Frew who celebrated his 70th birthday on Monday, 21st September and to Mila Fogg, who celebrated her 2nd birthday also on Monday 21st September.  Many happy returns to you both!


Congratulations to Douglas and Katherine Nicol who celebrated their 3rd wedding anniversary on Wednesday, 23rd September.


As ever, if you have any worries or concerns, prayer requests or indeed good news to pass on, please do not hesitate to contact one of the ministry team...details below.



MINISTER: Rev Douglas Nicol, 36 Springkell Drive, GLASGOW G41 4EZ

0141 427 7877   Email:


07720 625 789  Email:

PART-TIME children and Families Worker: Naomi Sutton  

07486 563 779  Email:

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