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Prayer of adoration

PTT-20200811-WA0001 (2)Douglas M
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Bible Readings


18: 21-35


Matthew 6: 9-15

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Sermon: be free from resentment

prayer of thanksgiving

Prayer of thanksgivingDouglas M
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final worship song


And so, let us move forward in the amazing Grace of Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God the Father and the comforting companionship of the Holy Spirit.



Week beginning: Sunday 16th August 2020






Dear everyone,


The regulations in force for public worship will mean that a Sunday morning service will look very different.


There is a strong sense amongst many people that God did not bring the virus but He has allowed it to happen and through this down time we have all had time to reflect on our relationship with God – are we spending enough time with Him? – is He Lord in every area of our lives? – are we open to a fresh revelation of the Holy Spirit?


Instead of being filled with fear and concerns, this could be a very positive experience and, indeed, as we begin new ways of worship we could see a time of revival.


Our prayer life is so important right now, as we seek God’s face and learn of His plan for our lives both individually and corporately. Sometimes we don’t always have the words or know how to pray. As printed in last week’s newsletter, the Moderator of the Church of Scotland has organised a week of prayer starting tomorrow for Church and country and he is encouraging us to join in. Below is an excerpt from his latest email to ministers outlining the programme for the week...



“At 8am each morning a pre-recorded reflection will go live on the Church of Scotland website and on Facebook. These will include contemplative music, Scripture readings, a brief ‘thought for the day’, a prayer and blessing. Additionally there will be a suggested prayer activity that you can choose to take up at some point during the day. Each of these activities has been designed for all ages but certainly with children and families in mind.


In the evenings, there will be a ‘live’ gathering on Zoom in which we hope many from across the country and perhaps further afield will participate. These will commence at 8.30pm - giving time for those who need to settle young children and for those who may have earlier meetings to join. The prayers from each evening will also be watchable on catch-up through the Church’s digital platforms.


The evening gatherings will include the following:

• Prayers led by designated individuals, these including leaders from our ecumenical partners, Church of Scotland youth workers, ministers and staff members.

• Breakout rooms, during which participants will have a short time to reflect on the Scripture passage that was shared during the morning reflection, to pray together, and to ‘compare notes’ from around the congregations and communities represented.

• Reflective music and time to simply be still; there will be opportunity for individuals to bring prayer requests and causes for prayerful concern and thanksgiving.”


Rt Revd Dr Martin Fair concludes.. “But so much for the detail! What the week is really about, is creating space for the Church to come together from all ‘airts and pairts,’ to still ourselves and to listen for what the Spirit might be saying to us in these days (Revelation 3:22).


As we prepare for the coming chapters, let us begin from a position of humility, being on our knees before the One who will both feed us and lead us.




To take part in the early sessions log onto the Church of Scotland website or Facebook page to view the morning reflections. To join the evening sessions, please contact Douglas on either 0141 427 7877 or 0141 569 7848 for the Zoom meeting link (zoom phone number is also available for those who prefer to join without a computer).




A lot of people are going through times of worry or concern regarding health, finances or employment issues etc. If you would like to speak to someone in confidence and perhaps have them pray for you please do not hesitate to contact the Ministry team whose details are below.


Again we take the time to acknowledge times of celebration in the lives of our church members.

Happy Birthday to Chelsea McInnes who celebrated her 21st birthday on Wednesday, 12th August; to Irene Gemmell who celebrated her birthday on Friday, 14th August; and to Morag Roseweir who celebrates her birthday today, Sunday, 16th August. Many Happy Returns to each of you!


MINISTER: Rev Douglas Nicol, 36 Springkell Drive, GLASGOW G41 4EZ 0141 427 7877 Email:

PART-TIME PARISH ASSISTANT: Kirsteen Marshall 07720 625 789 Email:

PART-TIME children and Families Worker: Naomi Sutton 07486 563 779 Email:

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