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Online Worship Services

Welcome to our Online Worship Services. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak leading to us to be unable to gather in person for church as we usually would we have dedicated this space to bring the weekly service into your homes.

Please come here each Sunday to see the next service as it is uploaded, and services will remain available following this time so feel free to 'catch up' or re-watch a service through the week as desired. 

         PENTECOST, 31st MAY 2020


1. song

2. song

3. opening prayer

Opening Prayer - Pentecost
00:00 / 03:27

4. bible readings


Isaiah 42 : 8-9 & 43 : 16-19


Acts 2 : 1-4 & 14-18

1 Corinthians 2 : 1-16

Extracts from Isaiah 42 & 43
00:00 / 01:06
Extracts from Acts 2
00:00 / 01:26
1 Corinthians 2 verses 1 - 16
00:00 / 02:44

5. song

It's A Gift (Pentecost 2020)
00:00 / 02:27

6. sermon

7. song

Forget Things!
00:00 / 01:45

8. prayers and decrees

Pentecost Prayers of Thanksgiving and In
00:00 / 06:18
Decrees and Declarations at Pentecost
00:00 / 01:01

9. song

10. benediction

Pentecost Benediction
00:00 / 00:57

Week beginning: Sunday 31st May 2020






It’s Pentecost!,


All over the world prophets have been rising up and sharing their belief that there is to be a mighty move of God starting today!


They believe that God did not bring the virus but He is using this time to get people’s attention – they have time to be still before Him, to re-evaluate what is important and to repent of their sins and there will be an outpouring of His Holy Spirit.


Interestingly what was coming across was very similar to things we as a congregation had been exploring, as we are entering the Roaring 20s, God is calling us to be His voice and to roar like the lion.


Douglas felt called to host an online Praise and Prayer in the Upper Room gathering every night last week, exploring the prophecies and helping us to become prepared.  These are still available on the website and Facebook page if you were unable to view them at the time.  This was an independent venture but we know there were many others gathering in the same way around the world and indeed there was an official movement called TURN – The Upper Room Network. 

One thing that has come out of the lockdown is the way that the Internet has been used and enjoyed by many to sample preaching from all over the world.  We are definitely experiencing Church Without Walls! There is an understanding that people who were maybe inhibited from going into a church, for whatever reason, are now able to access worship and teaching in the comfort of their own homes.


Congregations across Scotland are encouraged to join together-remotely-for a special Pentecost service today, 31st May. Rt Rev Dr Martin Fair will be hosting the service which will include worship, prayers, music, a sermon, Bible readings, and will close with the Moderator’s wife Mrs Elaine Fair singing The Blessing.

The Moderator is encouraging congregations and people of faith across Scotland, and beyond, to join together in worship as a whole church.


“Pentecost Sunday is an opportunity to rejoice in the birth of the church and to celebrate our togetherness as a church family,” Dr Fair said.


“It was the coming of the Spirit upon those first disciples that brought the church to life, with power and passion - and the same Spirit unites us still.”

“Even though we cannot be together in person, we can be together in spirit. We can share in the same worship, pray together using the same words, be inspired together by the same Bible verses and affirm our unity as the body of Christ here on earth.

"Ordinarily, the worship of the Church is offered locally, rightly so. But it seems to me that in these present circumstances there is merit in giving over one Sunday to come together.”

MINISTER: Rev Douglas Nicol, 36 Springkell Drive, GLASGOW G41 4EZ

0141 427 7877   Email:


PART-TIME Parish Assistant: Kirsteen Marshall

07720 625 789  Email:


PART-TIME Children and Families Worker: Naomi Sutton

07486 563 779  Email:

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