Remember the fallen   - the families they came from;

Remember the fallen   - the lives they laid down.

Remember the fallen   - they won our freedom;

Remember the fallen   - in love they laid down.


Peace is our purpose   - to live without violence;

Peace is our purpose   - to live without fear.

Peace is our purpose   - enjoying sweet silence;

Peace is our purpose   - to be of good cheer!


Celebrate freedom!      - to live as we choose to;

Celebrate freedom!      - the joy it can bring.

Celebrate freedom!      - to do what we’re called to;

Celebrate freedom!      - Yes, let freedom ring!


Celebrate vic’try!          - vict’ry in Europe;

Celebrate vic’try!          - the peace that it won. 

Celebrate vic’try!          - giving us new hope;

Celebrate vic’try!          - a new day begun!

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Priesthill, & Nitshill
Parish church

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