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Sunday 7TH MARCH 2021

Join us online as our Parish Minister, Douglas Nicol, shares some thoughts about how to yield to the power of God. The sacrament of Holy Communion is also celebrated during this service.

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                                                    Week beginning: Sunday 7th March 2021






Dear friends,


We trust and pray that you all are remaining safe and well this week.  There is still no official news as to when we can meet again but we are very much hoping it will be in time for Holy Week.  We will inform members of the congregation personally when we have confirmation.




On the first Friday of March every year, Christians all over the world are linked as they join in the World Day of Prayer.  This year (Friday 5th March) the focus was on the other side of the world in the South Pacific, 2000 miles east of Australia, an archipelago of 80 islands called Vanuatu.


These islands boast black and white sandy beaches, beautiful coral reefs, tropical coloured fish, forests full of lovely birds, and an abundance of flora and fauna.

There are no large mammals, poisonous snakes or poisonous spiders. The climate is temperate and the soil fruitful, but this region is prone to natural disasters including earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and many destructive cyclones in the hot and humid season from November to March.


The theme this year was “Build on a Strong Foundation” and a service prepared with some ladies from Vanuatu is available to watch on YouTube via this link:



A reminder that The Moderator is running a photography competition for all ages, 'Hidden in Plain Sight', until Wednesday 17 March. You can see the entries so far on the Church of Scotland website along with how to enter. 




As you are aware we are back to providing online services and our thanks go to Douglas and Kirsteen who, until the end of lockdown, will be exploring ways to bring praise, scripture, teaching and prayer to you.  We all desperately miss the act of corporate worship and for those of us at home it has been a delight to have the Sunday service available to view.  Please do subscribe to the YouTube channel (no cost involved)... it will allow you to know when each new service is available.




It is important for us to keep connected even if we can’t meet together physically.  Please let us know if you want to share any good news.


As ever, do remember that if you have any concerns or are struggling in any way, the ministry team are always available to talk or pray over the phone with you.  This is always in confidence.  (contact details below)




Although there is so much difficulty and anxiety at this time we take the time to mark the times of celebration in the lives of our church family members.

Congratulations to Bob Cross who celebrated his birthday on Friday, 5th March; to Helen Raeburn who celebrates her birthday today, Sunday 7th March; and to Howie Mundy who celebrates his 65th birthday also today,  Sunday 7th March.

Many Happy Returns to each of you!



MINISTER: Rev Douglas Nicol, 36 Springkell Drive, GLASGOW G41 4EZ

0141 427 7877   Email:


07720 625 789  Email:

PART-TIME children and Families Worker: Naomi Sutton  

07486 563 779  Email:

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